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Welcome to STRIES (STRIAE), a firm founded in October 1992 by Joseph SEVILLA.

STRIES, specialized in metal work, designs, develops and disseminates decoration processes on stainless steel and brass: marking, imprint, polishing, sanding, chemical and mechanical etching. The concept is the creation and reproduction of designs, patterns, texts and logos in the field of signage, high-end visual identity and interior design, on sheets, banners, panels, partition walls, lift door shutters, boards, furniture and various items.

The know-how of STRIES

Joseph SEVILLA discovers stainless steel in 1984.

“Attracted by metal, I have always perceived a feeling of aesthetic void by the sight of these boring, sad surfaces lacking life and warmth. »

Joseph SEVILLA enhances metal in an original way by creating an engraving process that, while allowing a high level of creativity, respects the specific properties of metals (aspect, light reflection...).

His technique? Working on metal directly, whatever its thickness, dimensions or shaping (flat, folded or rolled), and thus creating over the years, by incorporating colour through inclusion under anti-UV polyurethane varnish, finished products of exceptional quality.

He then valorises this know-how by means of process computerization, making it thus possible in the field of Applied Arts to reproduce any item, whatever the scale or the complexity of a script or ornamentation. 

Artistic research

The useful should convey the beautiful.

True beauty stems from the peace experienced by the soul, the person, when vision, mind and feelings are content, conquered.

STRIES opts for quality and customization. This means that in no case whatever we seek to sell catalogue decorations or to reproduce a pattern that can be executed with known industrial production techniques: chemical etchinglaser, sanding, bead-blasting, chemical coloration, etc... Numerous companies all over the world are proposing finished products issuing from this technology, all looking identical.

We are bathing in light. It travels, passes through us and breathes life into everything.  Generated this way, the works vibrate by their interaction between light and metal.

Once light is in a state of excitation in the fine engraved striae, it explores and reveals the metal surface, thus creating the pattern’s movement and life. The observer personally takes an active part in this creation by moving in space. In front of a simple engraved metal sheet, smooth to the touch, subtle controlled light fluctuations transform and animate the pattern.

The observer becomes co-creator of a real kinetic work.