Technical Data Sheet

Full delivery or "à la carte" service, a single provider.


  • 430 Stainless steel (F17 - magnetic). This type of steel is for inside use only (it corrodes outside). It can be used for inside signage when different elements should be magnetically held (type of product: display panels/billboards, directional signage).
  • 304 Steel: this kind of steel is used in all environments.
  • 316 Steel: this kind of steel is used preferably in a seaside environment.
  • Brass.

Dimensional limits

STRIES SA has the possibility to reproduce the majority of graphics and textures on sheets with the following maximum dimensions:

  • 1000 x 2000 mm.
  • 1250 x 2500 mm.
  • Other dimensions are possible according to the type of treatment and the pattern to reproduce. But we propose the realisation of ornamental designs suitable for the finished surfaces of the plating used.

Indeed, it is not necessary to sell a decorated plate of 1000 x 2000 mm if the finished product is a panel of 500 x 1000 mm. This possibility allows for more flexibility since the ornamental design can thus be carried out after achieving the various operations of cutting, folding, rolling, etc... Because the realisation of the design is the last operation to be carried out, there is no longer any risk of damaging the surface and spoil the decoration.


From 0.5 to 2 mm. Other thicknesses can be considered depending on the demand and the work to be carried out.


All our products are delivered with a transparent PVC protective coating (visibility of the decoration) and packed in specially fitted crates.


Because of the multiplicity of basic factors for our calculations, it is impossible to draw up a prior set price list for our customized work. The most important factors are the following: alloys, finish, type of drawing or texture (striated, satin polish, mirror polish and/or composition of several textures on one plate), thickness, quantity, dimensions, colour inclusion (type), varnish, folding, rolling, etc...

We therefore prepare precise cost estimates after receipt of the technical elements mentioned above.

Samples, mock-ups

Samples can be provided on request for pre-qualified projects, under certain conditions. For mock-ups, the costs of graphic preparation and part of the expenses incurred shall be charged to the applicant. All our customized finishes and treatments can be combined ad infinitum to create an equally unlimited number of various graphics.

Basic finishing

Mirror polish: mirror finish (almost invisible grain or hair).

Bright annealing: reflective finish produced directly by the steel plant and on stainless steel only. This finish can replace the mirror polish if the polished surfaces can remain small.

Striated polish (hairline): this finish is realized with a very fine long grain and with a vertical, horizontal or inclined orientation. On one and the same plate, there can be perfectly delimited adjacent or non-adjacent areas that are striated in different directions.

Satin polish (dull finish): unlike the striated polish, satin polish is non-directional. It is realized with a very fine grain and a random orientation. The texture obtained remains uniformly metallic without appearing matt. ;

Customized finishing

All our finishes and treatments can be combined ad infinitum to create an equally unlimited number of various graphics.

By combining several very fine and long grain directions we are able to realize all types of patterns, thus obtaining three-dimensional effects.

Unlike the matt finish obtained by acid etching or by sand- or bead-blasting, solids and other striated surfaces always appear shiny, metallic, and easy to clean even without varnish coating.

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