Visual image, point-of-sale advertising (stainless steel, brass)

signalétique tour pacific 1995: Interior stainless-steel signage of the Tour PACIFIC, LA DEFENSE - PARIS.
signaletique tour scor la defense 1995: Interior stainless-steel signage of the Tour SCOR, LA DEFENSE - PARIS.
logo yves saint laurent
1999: Inlaid stainless-steel surface decorations ("cabochons") reproducing the logo in mirror finish on striated background angled at 30° and projection of hard amorphous carbon ion particles in a vacuum enclosure.
The aim is to obtain a surface that is more scratch-resistant, with a “cannon-grey” stain, while simultaneously preserving transparency for the readability of the logo on striated background - 2 boutiques on the Champs-Elysées and 2 in Japan (Osaka & Fukuoka).
© YSL is a registered trademark of Yves Saint-Laurent SAS.


- 2000 & 2001: Stainless-steel plates – hairline-finish and dull-finish treatment with mirror-polish reservation – Signage for the ocean liners MILLENIUM and CONSTELLATION.